Monday, 29 June 2015

ION game official trailer (and previz)

To complete (for now) my ION-related posts, here is the trailer I directed as a teaser for our game, created by animation house Platige. It was unveiled by Dean at E3 2015 a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the audio (via Tom Johnson) was so fantastically bassy it was shaking the auditorium.

One of the first things I did was to create a rough 3D previz to test whether my concept for the teaser could potentially work or not (from an informative and impacting point-of-view). This was then used as an initial blockout guide for animation house Platige to start working from.

Production: Dean Hall, Nick Button-Brown
Creative Direction: Jamie Martin
Audio: Tom Johnson
Art Director: Jamie Martin

Producer: Artur Zicz
Postproduction Manager: Karolina Mann
Animation Director: Kamil Dąbkowski
Lead CG: Piotr Borowski
Layout: Krzysztof Kamrowski, Kamil Dąbkowski, Szymon Pawlik
Modelling: Szymon Burzawa, Maciej Hrynyszyn
Rigging: Tomasz Kurgan
Textures: Piotr Tatar
Animation: Piotr Borowski, Tomasz Kurgan, Anna Elert
Simulations: Grzegorz Jankowski
Rendering: Marek Gajowski, Grzegorz Flaga, Marcin Waśko
Compositing: Marek Gajowski, Pavle Milicevic
Online: Wojtek Rogalski

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