Saturday 15 August 2015

The Old Bridge Checkpoint

Another one I've dug out from the archives:

...The old bridge crossing had originally been established to prevent access from the city confines out into the wastelands beyond the river border. It was meant for the population's own good; no-one knew the dangers of the barren land out there better than the Military Council who threw together these temporary gateways after the 'event' first occurred. But not too long afterwards something had happened to the basic AI units that they had dumped there to guard the checkpoints. No-one knows how or exactly when, but after they turned, absolutely nothing had been able to get across the bridge - not for years - not even those who were legally permitted. It almost became a thing of legend, like a troll waiting for it's next victim. And it's had it's fair share of victims, that's for sure. That heap of robotic rusting industrial junk stands steadfast, determined to block access in any direction, still to this day...

Monday 10 August 2015

3D Stylus Pen Concepts

A while ago I did some quick concepts for a client to visualise an innovative new type of Stylus they were intending to bring to market, including a proposal for the packaging the product would be presented in.