Sunday 6 September 2015

Electro-Shock Barrier System - Concept Art

...After the city was over-run, the authorities felt they had no choice but to introduce limited access to the general populace. The Shock Barrier System (SBS) was felt to be a suitable balance of limited intrusion and effective deterrent. When inactive, the barrier remains relatively hidden apart from an illuminated marker. Only when approached does the barrier first alert a resident by springing upwards to form a rigid bollard, and audibly advising them to stay clear of the area. If the subject doesn't retreat, the barrier will then revert to armed mode by expanding its enclosure upwards, revealing its inner weaponry and projecting a 'virtual' scrolling warning barrier. A second audible warning then precedes the final stage of the barrier's defensive system - emitting a high voltage charged shock that renders any living creature incapacitated instantaneously. It has so far proved to be very effective!

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